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Aerial Forklift Certification Reviews

Check out what students of A-1 Forklift Certification have to say about our courses.

Shawn Castañedez

"Common sense and simple course. Highly recommended."

Richard Nadal

"The class and the instructor was very informative and answered all of my questions. The class was great!!"

Maurice C. Appling

"Very relaxed, yet extremely informative. Thank you, Ms. Graham. BTW, can I keep the pen?"

Mark J. Garfield

"The course was informative and interesting and the instructor was both professional and friendly. I appreciate the class and it will definitely help me find work no matter what my job will be."

Roberto Martinez

"I liked the training. Very informative. The train the trainer kit contains all of the pertinent information."

Victor Velasquez, Duffy Boats

"Donna is a great teacher! She taught me how to drive a forklift and it was my first time, she was really informative and thorough, the experience was great! Thank you, Donna."

Miguel Saldana

"Great course. Visual training with video and slideshow was great. Small class keeps directive of training going. Safety and hazard awareness training to keep us safe."

Edwin Erazo

"I will say this training will help me to prevent any type of accident."

Juan Gutierrez

"Video was short but very helpful with safety issues. Overall course was perfect."

Caleb Smalley

"The class was great. Really informative, the teacher was also very helpful and understanding. Thanks for everything."

Tauveli Taumoefolam

"Great teacher, very informative. Hands on training was great experience. I def recommend taking A-1 Forklift class!!!"

Andrew Gheorghe

"Very good, easy, fun, hands on training.Learned a lot."

F. Edwards

"Best training I've found, honest and without the hassle."

Andrew Gheorghe

"Great teacher, very informative. Hands on training was great experience. I def recommend taking A-1 Forklift class!!!"

A. Harrison

"The class is pretty straight forward, focuses on what you need to know, very helpful, I enjoyed watching the video and the review after the tutorial with the instructor. The hands on training was terrific and easy! At first you're like, uhhh, I don't know, ok, got this. Loved it a lot and definitely recommending to anyone who wants to get their forklift certificate."

Jose G.

"Fast and efficient. Instructor kept it simple and to the point. Will recommend to anyone who is interested in getting certified."

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Based in Anaheim, California, A-1 Forklift Certification provides high-quality online forklift certification, on-site courses, hands-on training, aerial lift training and train-the-trainer courses. Our team has more than 30 years' experience in forklift operation and warehouse management. Earn a better living. Start a new career. Ensure optimal workplace safety.

Let us help you to comply with OSHA regulations and get certified. Shop now.


We offer our online training and certification in all 50 States of US and Canada. Training and certification available in: AK,Alaska, AL,Alabama, AR,Arkansas, AZ,Arizona, CA,California, CO,Colorado, CT,Connecticut, DC,District of Columbia, DE,Delaware, FL,Florida, GA,Georgia, HI,Hawaii, IA,Iowa, ID,Idaho, IL,Illinois, IN,Indiana, KS,Kansas, KY,Kentucky, LA,Louisiana, MA,Massachusetts, MD,Maryland, ME,Maine, MI,Michigan, MN,Minnesota, MO,Missouri, MS,Mississippi, MT,Montana, NC,North Carolina, ND,North Dakota, NE,Nebraska, NH,New Hampshire, NJ,New Jersey, NM,New Mexico, NV,Nevada, NY,New York, OH,Ohio, OK,Oklahoma, OR,Oregon, PA,Pennsylvania, RI,Rhode Island, SC,South Carolina, SD,South Dakota, TN,Tennessee, TX,Texas, UT,Utah, VA,Virginia, VT,Vermont, WA,Washington, WI,Wisconsin, WV,West Virginia, WY,Wyoming

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