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A-1 Forklift Onsite Training

A-1 Forklift's onsite forklift training is a flexible choice tailored to fit your specific needs to fulfill all compliance requirements. For 30 years, the professionals A-1 Forklift Certification have offered onsite forklift training and certification for a wide variety of industries and needs. In addition, we have a combined 30 years' experience in warehouse management and forklift operation. Need more info? Read our FAQs.

Price: Special group prices, all inclusive. Call Donna for a price: 1-877-922-5438

Course description: We customize your training to coordinate with your organization's schedule and concentrates on providing the best training options available. We provide all materials and complete the entire documentation process for you.

We Come to Your Business

Onsite training conducted at your business location for your convenience, by an experienced trainer. This includes:

  • Training in a classroom environment
  • Hands-on training for the first-time forklift user
  • Written exams
  • Issuing new or renewed certifications

Forklift Operation Overview

  • OSHA Requirements - Understanding of Federal and State Regulations
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Engine Maintenance Details, Standard Operation and Inspection
  • Safety Considerations: Visiblity, Fork and Attachment Limitations, Hazardous Locations and Pedestrians
  • Steering, Maneuvering, Rated Capacities and Stability
  • Refueling, Load Balancing

Onsite training meets all OSHA safety rules and regulation's.

Receiving your certificate: We hand out certificates and wallet cards at the end of the class.

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Based in Anaheim, California, A-1 Forklift Certification provides high-quality online forklift certification, on-site courses, hands-on training, aerial lift training and train-the-trainer courses. Our team has more than 30 years' experience in forklift operation and warehouse management. Earn a better living. Start a new career. Ensure optimal workplace safety.

Let us help you to comply with OSHA regulations and get certified. Shop now.


We offer our online training and certification in all 50 States of US and Canada. Training and certification available in: AK,Alaska, AL,Alabama, AR,Arkansas, AZ,Arizona, CA,California, CO,Colorado, CT,Connecticut, DC,District of Columbia, DE,Delaware, FL,Florida, GA,Georgia, HI,Hawaii, IA,Iowa, ID,Idaho, IL,Illinois, IN,Indiana, KS,Kansas, KY,Kentucky, LA,Louisiana, MA,Massachusetts, MD,Maryland, ME,Maine, MI,Michigan, MN,Minnesota, MO,Missouri, MS,Mississippi, MT,Montana, NC,North Carolina, ND,North Dakota, NE,Nebraska, NH,New Hampshire, NJ,New Jersey, NM,New Mexico, NV,Nevada, NY,New York, OH,Ohio, OK,Oklahoma, OR,Oregon, PA,Pennsylvania, RI,Rhode Island, SC,South Carolina, SD,South Dakota, TN,Tennessee, TX,Texas, UT,Utah, VA,Virginia, VT,Vermont, WA,Washington, WI,Wisconsin, WV,West Virginia, WY,Wyoming